We are a textile manufacturer located in Montreal. For over 25 Years, we have produced knitted fabric for manufacturers all over Canada and the US. Manufacturer of single & double knit fabrics. Specializing in fine interlock, herringbone, fleece, ribbing, terry cloth, etc...

Fabric - We carry a range of French Fleece, Fleece, Ribbing, Jersey, Interlock, Terry Cloth

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F.Fleece Black.BMP

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F.Fleece  92%Cotton8%Lycra


Montreal Fabrics and Textiles - Interlock
Montreal Fabrics and Textiles - Herringbone, Pique


Special Offers   100%Poly Stretch/Spandex  Black/White

100%Poly Mesh Navy.

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Allied Knitting Ltd. - Fabric - French Fleece, Ribbing, Jersey, Interlock, Terry Cloth
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